Dutch company Galathea BV has been growing, marketing and exporting ware potatoes for over 25 years. The potato variety Agria is our specialisation. A short supply chain, reliability and expertise in the European export market are some of our strong points. Behind Galathea stands the Van Nieuwenhuijzen family. For over 4 generations we have been growing potatoes on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee in the Netherlands.

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Wat makes Galathea unique?

  • Family run business for over 127 years

  • Specialises in the Agria potato variety

  • Own cultivation and a reliable produce from dedicated suppliers

  • Modern box storage: Year round constant quality

  • 25 years of export experience to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland

  • Unique! Fully traceable produce possible

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Terralog Ag is one of the largest potato trading companies in Switzerland. Processing potatoes are our main business in terms of volume. In cooperation with our producers and trading partners, we supply the Swiss processing companies just-in-time with the usual quality. One of our long-term suppliers is Galathea BV. A reliable, quality-driven, market-aimed and on top of all pleasant partner. Terralog has its own cold store and packing station to prepare fresh potatoes for the Swiss retail market.

Stefan Hager – Productmanager processing potatoes

When Galathea decided to replace their cold store – from 1954 – for a brand new potato storage facility, Tolsma-Grisnich accompanied the business with the climate technology. Thanks to the Tolsma climate technology the temperature and moisture in the store can now be kept at optimal levels. In 2015 this was tested by storing a very moist crop of potatoes in the store. Thanks to the large drying capacity the potatoes were successfully stored without rotting taking place.

Arjan van Hassel – Storage specialist

Arable farming business NIVU is a family-owned co-operation between the Van Vugt and Van Nieuwenhuijzen family (no relation). By means of working together we can work more efficient, utilise labour better and run a better organisation. We work together with Galathea for the marketing of all our potatoes. Within the company there is a total of 8.800 tonnes of product storage. In 2021 a brand new climate controlled box storage was erected. Thanks to our unique Farm24 & Follow24 systems we can offer full traceability of our potatoes from field to fork.

Gerard van Nieuwenhuijzen – Co-owner
& CEO F24 Group

In 1998 we started peeling potatoes and Galathea BV started supplying us with produce. Our co-operation thus stems from the early days of both companies. Jacob Jan van Nieuwenhuijzen selects the best crops for us. The Agria variety fits well within our delivery program. Because of the large volume that Galathea handles the availability and quality are always guaranteed. Our relation is open, trusted, honest and based on continuity.

Carl Verbist – Co-owner

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